The Concept of media promotions pushed many great artists to the global spotlight in the 90’s. In the 21st century traditional media got replaced by web-based endorsements.

We add another globally exploding dimension to them all. We make your music heard across millions of computers, smartphones and mobile devices across the world!

Spotify, with over 70 million music fans in 2018, is the fastest growing and the most widely used musical platform today. One appearance on Spotify can change the course of your musical career like never before. We are the most secure channel to gain maximum popularity on Spotify as well as other platforms like Youtube.

But it isn’t as simple as to get in there and make your mark on the board. You need someone who knows the art of pushing your popularity and make your play count dynamic. You can count on us to promote your music and realise your musical dreams!

In the current market, promoting your musical creations has never been so challenging. Regardless of how creative, artistic, appealing and enticing your music is; tough and ruthless competition hits you hard wherever you go!


We show you how to outsmart opponents at every nook and corner. We don’t take anyone head on in a conflict. Instead we create radically unique platforms to put you in the spotlight of the global music industry. No more competition, we create companionship!


Our team is recognised by the results we generate for our customers. We know the effort that go into making genuine music. You may play solo, twosome or as an entire group. We make every piece of your outstanding ability to count in terms of credible results. Pushing newcomers and musical talent into the global arena is getting more difficult by the day.

This is due to two main factors:

1) Ever changing technology which changes the way fans listen to music

2) Dynamic promotional strategy which changes how fans perceive music

With over 9 year experience we have a great understanding how the musical market has evolved and how it will move forward in the years to come. With our high quality and constantly improving services we are THE company to promote your great music!

Our results over the last 9 years:

Over 94.000.000 plays delivered
Over 8.300 orders delivered
Over 720.000 iTunes downloads delivered

Our Features & Services

The world of online music gives equal opportunity to classical, pop, rock, hip hop, soul, jazz and a thousand other genres. Audiences exist for every genre no matter how old or new your music is. We utilise this typical characteristic to popularise your music based on factors like genre, age, gender, lifestyle and many others. You can be assured of getting your share of fans all over the world no matter which genre of music you’re creating.

Perhaps the most critical factor you consider while getting your music published and popularised. There are two aspects to timing:

1) Time to get popularity

2) Time to keep your music alive

We take both tasks with top priority to ensure concurrent and long term visibility of your music. The long lasting impact that your music will have depends on the quality of your music and the acceptance by fans.

– Tips to get a higher play count.

No matter which music genre you choose, be sure to make it genuine and absorbing. Always remember the short lived attention span of music fans.

At times it may be more difficult as you are targeting an invisible global audience. We urge you to make a good analysis and plan your plays so it matches with the current lifestyle of the listeners.

No matter which music genre you choose, make it genuine and absorbing. Always remember the bouncing attention span of music fan.

At times it may be more difficult as you are targeting invisible global audience. We urge you to make a good analysis and plan your plays which can match with the current lifestyle of viewers on

Our team at creates stimulating and interesting channels to your musical creations at

These channels are in turn connected to millions of tributaries and distributaries all over the world. When a potential searches for the kind of music you have created, he is sure to find your songs, albums, and plays for sure.

This is made possible by the album and genre-sensitive technology we use for connecting your music with the global audience.

Every review of your music creates new methods to mold your performance in a better way. ensures you get constructive comment and reviews every day. Lewd comments and unruly elements are filtered out even before they hit the screens.

Our sincere effort will be to get you increasing numbers of play counts every day. However, it purely depends on the way you have composed, mixed, remixed, edited and finished your genuine music. It is of critical importance that your creations are genuine in nature.

We believe in recognizing and rewarding genuine and quality music all over the world. is known for dynamically increasing the number of views and play counts for every authentic in demand music. We make our best efforts to create maximum visibility to your creations right from the moment it goes live at

Our method of working makes your quality music earn appreciations in an exponential manner. In some cases, it happens over a period of just a few weeks, while in many others it may take relatively longer time. But your music is sure to get a relatively larger number of views and play counts through than other channels.

Global recognition is the first step to enhance your popularity. It is naturally followed by royalty to boost your earnings. When your musical creation is “hot” enough to pull in audiences, our team at ensure a constant source of income to you. It depends on the terms and conditions we formulate during the time of your registration with us. Make sure that you have read through all our terms and conditions fully and accept them in principle and practice. ensures your musical creations gain many rewards besides royalty and recognition. We create unique channels which can carry you to top viewer rankings in quick strides, depending on how popular your music gets online.