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Spotify Plays – Normal Service



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Buy Spotify Plays for your Songs


Spotify is the major online streaming platform, with 75 million active users and a catalogue of more than 30 million songs. Getting promotion for this platform will give your song not only plays, but popularity and revenue from your music royalties.

Ban-free service

We promote the songs though our affiliates network, reaching more than 80,000 different users from all around the globe. This results in a faster delivery speed of spotify plays and a completely ban-free service. Be aware that other tools could be dangerous!

“How long will I have to wait until I see the results?

Spotify updates the counters once a day around 10:00pm EST, however sometimes it can take up to 4 days to update them. Spotify will accumulate the plays and you will see them in the next update![/cherry_spoiler] [cherry_spoiler title=”Will this increase my music popularity bar?”]Of course! Well getting music promotion for your track adds you ‘popularity’, not only does this give you a great look and reputation. It also betters your search rank, even further increasing your chances of organic discovery!

“Will I earn from royalties? How much?”

All our delivered plays are legit and count for royalties! However it’s quite difficult to know how much you’ll earn from it, as our friends at Spotify do not provide a precise explanation for their royalty system. An easy way to check this is using to get an estimate.

If you are interested in knowing how the Spotify royalties work, check the official information at Spotify Artists, where they provide their formula.

“How long will it take to complete the order?”

It really depends on how many plays you order and the availability of our affiliates network. To provide you an estimated amount:

  • 1,000 plays – 400 plays/day
  • 5,000 plays – 500 plays/day
  • 10,000 plays – 750 plays/day
  • 20,000 plays – 1,000 plays/day
  • 50,000 plays – 1,500 plays/day
  • 100,000 plays – 2,000 plays/day
  • 250,000 plays – 3,000 plays/day
  • 500,000 plays – 4,500 plays/day
  • 1,000,000 plays – 6.000 plays/day
  • 2,000,000 plays – 6.000 plays/day

How can I get the Spotify URL for my track?

You just need to click on the vertical ellipsis button next to the track and select “Copy Spotify URI” or “Copy Track Link”. We can work on both versions of the link. Check the following image how to do that:

Can I stream an album instead of a track?

With our Fast Delivery service we do not provide an option to stream a complete album at once. (we do with our premium service!).

As work around what we will do when you give us an album, or multiple tracks which point towards the same album, is stream each track separately thereby increasing delivery times.

Additional information

Amount of Plays

300 free plays!, 1,000 plays, 5,000 plays, 10,000 plays, 20,000 plays, 50,000 plays, 100,000 plays, 250,000 plays, 500,000 plays, 1,000,000 plays, 2,000,000 plays

Targeted Country

International Plays (All Countries), USA Plays, UK